• Accept Credit Cards

    Once somebody turns 18, they are introduced to the world of “adulting”: signing their own paperwork, not needing parental permission, starting to accept financial and personal responsibility for themselves, and as a part of that, starting to build their credit.   When picking a first credit card, there are a couple of factors to consider.    First, it’s important to pick something that is easy to keep track of in terms of spending. If you are new to managing your own money, this is crucial. It can be done by deciding to have your first credit card be an in-store credit and rewards card. This way, it’s easier to keep track of your purchases and how much you need to pay back, since [...]
  • Merchant Services On Poshmark

    There’s a new way of thrift shopping, and you can do it right from your cell phone.   An app called Poshmark allows users to put themselves in the shoes of the merchant by posting their clothing and accessories for other users to browse and buy. Individuals who are selling their clothes can mark them by brand, size, and colour, and potential buyers can search using the same categories.   While the seller, like any other merchant, can set their price, the app also makes it so that buyers can negotiate or make offers, which the seller can either accept or decline. They are also able to make a counter-offer at a price that they see as  more reasonable, which the buyer can then [...]
  • Credit Card Machine

    When you swipe your credit card through a credit card machine at a store, you are putting your card at risk for security breaches and for people having the ability to steal your credit card information and to make charges to your account. In addition to the security risks that the magnetic stripe poses, having a credit card that swipes can also lead to the magnetic strip eventually wearing away after being swiped through machines repeatedly and not being as efficient or effective anymore. That’s why many banks and credit card companies are making the change over to cards with chips, also known as EMV cards, which have been designed specifically to prevent fraud and increase a [...]
  • Credit Card Processing On Venmo

    Venmo is changing the way that millennials exchange and spend their money, because they can pay each other back with just a tap on their smartphone.     A new user signs up for Venmo by registering through either their Facebook page or their email account, and then by linking in their credit card for processing when they use the app. They can then pay other users on the app by searching their usernames and simply typing in the amount, then pressing “send”. Users can also request money from each other.   Venmo is especially popular in university campus environments. Roommates can easily split the cost of shared items by “Venmoing” each other for the other half of the price. When a [...]
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    Debit cards are a popular way to spend money

    Debit cards are a popular way to spend money in lieu of cash.  A debit card has direct access to your bank account and usually has spending limits and with draw limits at ATM’s of $300 per day. But, the problem with debit cards is, even though in most cases, they are protected against fraud by your bank.  If you are using an EMV enabled debit card, you have more protection against fraud.  If your account is breached and money is taken from your account, that is your money.  It could take weeks or months to reclaim the money and have it put into your account. If you use a debit card there are several things you should watch out for to keep your account safe. Bank Atm’s in [...]
  • increasesalestowebsite

    6 Ways to Drive More Sales to Your Website

    Setting up shop to offer your products or services online and using Authorize.Net to accept payments are great first steps towards attracting new customers for your business. Still, many businesses face a constant challenge of attracting new and existing customers to their websites. Here are six ways to drive more traffic to your site, potentially increasing sales and online success. Create a Strong Opt-In Offer Building a strong e-mail list is one of the first steps to online sales success. In order to build a list, though, you'll need to do more than just ask visitors to sign up for e-mails. You'll need to incentivize them to do so. How? Use an opt-in offer such as a discount [...]
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    Big Advice from Small Business My Wedding Reception Ideas

    Wedding season is in the air and Authorize.Net merchant Raymond Miller of My Wedding Reception Ideas, shares his small business advice including what inspired him to start his business and what lead to its success. “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar This Zig Ziglar quote inspired Raymond Miller, founder of My Wedding Reception Ideas, to create a business that helps couples prepare for what can sometimes be one of the most stressful times of their lives. Thirteen years later, My Wedding Reception Ideas has helped thousands of couples make one of the most important days of their lives more special and [...]
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    7 Traits Successful Business Owners Have in Common

    Business owners face new challenges constantly. These challenges can be particularly daunting for new business owners as they trade their 9-5 job for a 24/7 passion. Learning the attributes of successful entrepreneurs can help new business owners understand they are not alone, and provide motivation to keep navigating to their own success. See the Big Picture Many new business owners get caught up in the present. They are focused on navigating the problems that arise each day. However, successful business owners focus on the future. It is key to see the "big picture" and remain on a path that keeps a company meeting long-term goals. The market moves quickly, so it is essential to [...]