Credit Card Machine Buyers Guide

We live in a time where credit cards are processing most transactions. Paying by credit card is preferred by most people due to convenience, security, and buyer safety. With more and more businesses moving towards the web and the popularity of e-commerce, business owners need to have the ability to process credit cards or risk losing business. Accepting credit cards has plenty of advantages for business owners. Giving customers a choice to pay by cash for by credit card will increase sales, expand your customer base, and will provide convenience for its clients. If you are planning on selling online or creating an online business, accepting credit cards is a necessity.

With more and more business’s accepting credit cards, credit card machine manufacturers have been able to evolve the credit card machine, so it’s convenient for all types of business. Selecting credit card processing equipment is something you should be researching to find the perfect credit card machine for your business. It’s essential for you to choose a new terminal that is reliable, easy to use, and secure. Not only for you but for your customers as well. With the explosion of credit card processing ease, you can find a credit card machine just about anywhere. Many choose to purchase their credit card machine online, from banks, credit card processors, ISO’s (independent sales organization), or through 3rd party companies. Make sure you take your time to make an informed choice and ask questions especially when it comes to warranties.

Almost every brick and mortar business have a credit card machine. Let’s face it; most people don’t carry around much cash. Selecting your credit card machine will be based on your business’s needs, size, sales volume, and your locations actual set up. Fortunately there is a wide variety of credit card machines that range from simple table top machines to hand help machines, apps for tablets and smartphones, to Ethernet based machines. With so many choices available how do you go about selecting the perfect credit card machine for your business? Read out guide below for assistance selecting the perfect credit card machine.

Credit Card Machine Buyers Guide

1. Selecting your Communication Type.

Credit card machines have multiple types of communication paths. The standard is dial up through an analog phone line. With more and more phone service providers switching over to digital of VOIP lines, credit card machines have major issues communicating over there lines. Ask your phone service provider what kind of lines you have. If you have digital lines, go for a terminal that is IP/Ethernet based or wireless.

2. What Applications is the Credit Card Machine Able to Integrate.

Depending on the credit card machine, some models are only capable of processing credit card and some can process multiple payment types. You want to select a machine based on your needs. If you run a website or phone order business, you will only be running credit cards. If you have a brick and mortar store or restaurant, you need a credit card machine that can handle other payment types. Make sure you have the ability to process credit cards, debit cards, EBT, gift cards, loyalty cards, and smart cards.

3. Always Lease your Credit Card Machine

Leasing a credit card machine may seem like the logical choice if you are low on start up funds.

4. The More Memory, The Better.

When shopping for a credit card machine, keep the memory size in mind. Most payment applications are pretty large files that take up a large portion of space. Most mid range credit card machines will have 3-6MB of memory. This amount of memory will allow you to support all payment applications and store roughly 150 transactions before the need to batch your machine. If you run a lower volume business, you can get away with having a lower memory device.

5. Always Have a Backup Payment Method.

This is something most merchants will overlook until its too late. If you are a merchant that will be processing transactions at craft shows, Christmas tree farms, or any business that doesn’t have direct access to power need a backup. When processing transactions you are at the mercy of plenty of factors that can interrupt your ability to make a sale. Always have a backup credit card machine, a spare battery, and a manual credit card machine just in case you loose power

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