Many small local businesses, especially restaurants, are making a shift in the way that they are processing transactions, rather than purchasing a computer system with an old-fashioned cash register and a card reader, they are using tablets such as the iPad at checkout to run customer’s credit cards.


This upgraded way of processing transactions with a tablet is easier and more visually appealing for both parties involved. Menu items are available for selection on a touch screen for the employee to select, the customer hands the employee their credit card, and then the employee can simply turn the tablet around to the customer for them to accept the payment, add a tip if they so choose to, and to sign off on their purchases.


One added benefit of using a tablet to process customer’s credit card transactions in this setting is that the device automatically calculates how much different percentages of tip would be for the customer, so they don’t have to figure out the tip themselves. They can also select different options to see how much their total would be with the added tip before they select what percentage they would like to tip.


Another benefit of processing credit card transactions with a tablet is the user-friendly interface that the tablet provides. Aside from the food itself, one of the biggest draws for smaller local restaurants is visual appeal. Many restaurants work hard at curating a cohesive environment for the restaurant that is both unique and visually appealing. This is often done through color schemes, furniture selection, decorations, menu format, and plating.


However, the addition of the tablet can elevate the environment of the restaurant and make it feel much more sleek, modern, and clean than it would with an old-fashioned cash register. It also removes the physical barrier of a more clunky machine and allows employees to interact with their customers more, building the customer service experience and making the transaction experience feel much more personal for the customer. This creates an ambiance for the customer that feels much more friendly and open, which can build customer loyalty to the restaurant and its brand.


When putting together a storefront for a business, every single decision matters, and the attention to detail is incredibly important. From the food served, to the way it is plated, to the decor of the restaurant, to the values of the business that are personified in its employees and providing excellent customer service, there are so many factors that go into creating a successful local restaurant.


By making a decision as simple as implementing the use of a tablet like the iPad for processing credit card transactions rather than an old-fashioned cash register and computer interface, a restaurant is able to bring its environment into the digital age and to create a much more open and friendly customer service experience that can work towards the ultimate goal of elevating the entire business as a whole.

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