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If your business is not yet accepting credit card payments, then it is high time to connect with the No. 1 credit card processing company in Greenacres, FL, Freedom Card Solutions. Freedom Card Solutions has a whole package of options that makes it really easy for businesses to track and audit the transactions. Beyond delivering the needed services, our company cares about your business in the same way that we care about our integrity. Our fool proof systems will help you keep an eye on your transactions easily and efficiently. We understand the hard work you put through to build your business, and we are here to help you grow.

Pay Your Transactions Without Cash in Greenacres, FL

Holding cold cash in your hands can give you a feeling of security, indeed, but while people still generally prefer to pay in cash, especially for small transactions, they will all have to eventually adapt to the digital age. This includes, paying for purchases without cash! Debit cards are still the standards for purchases although the use of debit cards is rising. At that time, half of the consumers will be using debit with credit making up 19.5%. That’s not to say that the use of cash will disappear, particularly in smaller purchases.

One reason why cash won’t necessarily go away is the fast transaction. You don’t have to wait for the cashier to swipe the plastic in case of debit or credit card processing, especially for smaller purchases. That’s because they don’t have to wait for their transaction to be processed before they can leave the store. Also, not all companies accept debit or credit cards.
It’s Still Business, No Matter What Time Or Day It Is in Greenacres, FL

Freedom Card Solutions wants to ensure you never lose an opportunity to earn, no matter what time or day it is. Freedom Card Solutions can take care of your credit and debit card processing system. We do not just do credit and debit card processing, though. We can set up your e-commerce site to help you manage and keep track of your payments easily.

Win the Perception Game with the Help of a Credit Card Processing Merchant in Greenacres, FL

Getting a merchant account in Greenacres, FL, is not an easy process, though. A credit card processing merchant account can significantly increase your business’ credibility, and this can translate into sales. This is the type of account that will allow you to accept credit card or debit card payments, whether your business is online or offline. You will have to go through so much just to get the nod of the vendors. You will have to subject yourself, and your business, to intense scrutiny, and the entire process can be stressful. But once your account is approved, everything will be worth it. You will need to apply for a merchant account if you want to be able to offer your customers the option to pay via debit or credit card. A merchant account entitles you to a credit line, and this, in a way, indicates your trustworthiness as a seller or service provider.

Credit Card Processing Services in Greenacres, FL

It is also cost-saving as you do not have to travel to a physical store in Greenacres, FL to buy what you want. Check our credit card processing reviews and decide for yourself whether or not to do business with us. Feel free to read our credit card processing reviews and see how our customers value the quality of services we consistently deliver. It’s just more convenient for some shoppers to click a few buttons and wait for their orders at home. The slightest implication of security breach can surely send your customers running to the competition. So, you better invest on this. If you already have an online store, but your traffic is not converting into sales, it is probably because you are not yet accepting credit or debit card payments.

You Will Never Go Wrong With Freedom Card Solutions in Greenacres, FL

Monthly service fee plus a small percentage of every digital transaction have led small businesses in Greenacres, FL to shy away from utilizing merchant accounts for credit card processing. They see it as an unnecessary expense because besides the percentage fee, there is a service fee that they have to meet every month. By having an alternative payment option besides cash, you will be able to win more customers in the long run.

This is a reality of the times, and this is confirmed by a study made by US Bank. Of the 2,000 respondents interviewed, half of them claim that oftentimes they go out without cash in their wallet. When they do, the amount is usually less than $50. Well, these are the kinds of people you will want to target, and Freedom Card Solutions is here to help you get this done.

Tapping the Untapped Potential Via Cashless Payments in Greenacres, FL

With customer preference in Greenacres, FL, leaning on the use of credit cards over cash, it will be a good idea to invest on a credit card processing facility. When you don’t offer debit and credit card processing, you are essentially turning away potential customers. Say you have a product that sells for $300, which drew the interest of the customer. The problem is he doesn’t have that much cash with him but does have his credit card. Naturally, he will leave the store without that product. We do not want this to happen to your business. Another essential point to keep in mind is that you may have to upgrade your POS if you are going to accept credit card payments.

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Our small business partners are equipped with EMV chip technology to curtail consumer fraud. For more information, you can reach our technical team at (844) 585-FREE in Greenacres, FL. And not only that, we also make sure to keep the credit card processing fees in Greenacres, FL affordable. Each transaction is covered by the highest standards of data security via the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). The EMV chip is an added layer of security that will drastically reduce cases of breach. Feel free to call us anytime. Call us today if you need more information or if you are ready to do business with us.