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A lot of physical storefronts set so many limitations that would hold you back from growing your company. However, it’s a different story with Freedom Card Solutions, a credit card processing company in Temple Terrace, FL. Freedom Card Solutions has the experience and the capability to deliver the services that you need to take your business to new heights, without the complications! Cashless transactions are the way to go these days, and you just have to keep up with the trend or lose potential customers. With almost everything going digital these days, upgrading your services by accepting credit card payments is a necessity. It can help you reach out to more customers and generate more sales in the process. You can be sure, then, that we will do everything to keep you satisfied.

Cashless Payments on the Uptick in Temple Terrace, FL

By the year 2020, about 700 billion transactions in North America will be through credit or debit card. This is what the study by Capgemini and BNP Paribas concluded. It is projected that hundreds of billions of transactions will be in digital form by the year 2020.
Not all consumers in Temple Terrace, FL are able to appreciate the beauty of credit card processing yet. In fact, a good number still find paying in cash to be more convenient, with no processing time to stress over, and no danger of putting their identity or personal information on the line. Also, not all companies accept debit or credit cards.

Extending Your Business Hours in Temple Terrace, FL

We, at Freedom Card Solutions, hate complications as much as you do. That is why we keep our systems and processes as simple as possible. To go digital is, indeed, a great thing for your Temple Terrace, FL business. You do not have to stop making sales at all. That means potentially more earnings for you since you don’t pay for the workers who are minding your brick-and-mortar store. You do not have to stop earning just because it is already 5 or 6 in the evening. In fact, you can keep on earning round the clock with our efficient payment gateway solutions.

What A Credit Card Processing Merchant Account Can Mean For Your Business in Temple Terrace, FL

We want to be seen with that latest bag or that expensive dress because they give that perception of success. It’s the same with small businesses in Temple Terrace, FL. It is important to note that merchant accounts work differently from VISA or Mastercard. You will have to go through so much just to get the nod of the vendors. You will have to subject yourself, and your business, to intense scrutiny, and the entire process can be stressful. But once your account is approved, everything will be worth it. Merchant accounts should be differentiated from credit card providers that rely on banks to back the purchase of a line of credit. Credibility is actually built during processing. In order to pass this rigorous process, you should be financially viable and your business is unyielding for the predictable future.

Grow Your Customer Base By Offering Credit Card Processing Services in Temple Terrace, FL

This simply means they need not leave the comfort of their home to avail of your services or products in Temple Terrace, FL. It’s important for you to provide your customers payment options, which Freedom Card Solutions can help you with. Having a shop online that accepts digital payments is going to win you more customers in the process. It will certainly give you an edge when you have a debit or credit card payment facility in your online store. There is no faster way to send your clients scurrying to the competition than a report of a security breach. Read up on some of our credit card processing reviews and see for yourself how well we have handled the business for the past years.

Freedom Card Solutions Help Avoid Potential Business Loss in Temple Terrace, FL

A great number of business owners in Temple Terrace, FL have not yet accepted the idea of credit card processing primarily because of the monthly service fee they have to pay for, on top of the small percentage of every digital sale they have to share with the merchant. For one, they don’t want to pay the service fee every month to the company, as well as a very small share of each transaction. However, Freedom Card Solutions has one of the most competitive pricing schemes in the market today. In fact, this is one of the reasons why some small businesses do not hire their services. Besides, the number of people going cashless is growing because of safety reasons.

Another revelation is the US Bank Cash Behavior Survey, which states that about 50% of the respondents go out of their homes carrying only their debit or credit card. When they do, the amount is usually less than $50. These people are likely to use credit or debit cards as a mode of payment, then, and Freedom Card Solutions will assist you in attracting customers of this type.
Attract More Customers By Providing A Credit Card Payment Facility in Temple Terrace, FL

Apart from American consumers, a number of tourists in Temple Terrace, FL don’t carry large amounts of cash with them for security reasons. You will now be able to serve other clients who typically do not bring cash when they go out. Some merchant accounts offer automatic conversions between currencies, but others do not, so make sure you have this straightened out with the host merchant first before proceeding with your application. We will help you explore your options when it comes to merchant accounts.

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Freedom Card Solutions can help give you the edge by incorporating a new payment gateway for your clients. All transactions are secured according to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). An EMV chip will protect against a security breach. We have streamlined our processes to make them more efficient while keeping credit card processing fees in Temple Terrace, FL as low as possible. Our technical support staff will be happy to address all your concerns. Let us talk today!