FREEDOM CARD SOLUTIONS: Why It Means So Much To Partner With The No. 1 Credit Card Processing Company in Plantation, FL

You will need a credit card processing company in Plantation, FL, like Freedom Card Solutions, if you want to take advantage of the benefits of cashless transactions. Freedom Card Solutions has the experience and the capability to deliver the services that you need to take your business to new heights, without the complications! In a society quickly going cashless, brick-and-mortar stores will benefit greatly from credit and debit card transactions. If you are a small business that only accepts cash, you are severely limiting your capacity to expand your client base. Expect to receive high quality, but affordable services from us, from beginning to end. Be sure to connect with the right company to enjoy these benefits.

It’s Business As Usual in Plantation, FL Even Without The Physical Cash

Holding cold cash in your hands can give you a feeling of security, indeed, but while people still generally prefer to pay in cash, especially for small transactions, they will all have to eventually adapt to the digital age. This includes, paying for purchases without cash! A few years from now, a great number of transactions will be going digital, and you are welcome to join the bandwagon to grow your business.

We can understand why going digital may not exactly be good news to some Plantation, FL consumers, at least for now. In fact, a good number still find paying in cash to be more convenient, with no processing time to stress over, and no danger of putting their identity or personal information on the line. Also, not all companies accept debit or credit cards.

Keep Your Business Running Round The Clock in Plantation, FL

We, at Freedom Card Solutions, hate complications as much as you do. That is why we keep our systems and processes as simple as possible. The main thing about going digital is that you can keep your Plantation, FL business running round the clock. That means potentially more earnings for you since you don’t pay for the workers who are minding your brick-and-mortar store. Simply put, you still earn while you sleep. Ask us about our e-commerce packages, mobile wallets, digital payment and digital gift cards, too.
Credit Card Processing Merchant Can Help Build Your Credibility in Plantation, FL

If you think that getting approved of a merchant account in Plantation, FL is a “walk in the park”, think again. It is important to note that merchant accounts work differently from VISA or Mastercard. As you enjoy the patronage of more consumers, you also enjoy an increase in your sales. You will need to apply for a merchant account if you want to be able to offer your customers the option to pay via debit or credit card. Also included in the vetting process is the market and expansion potential of the business. If you pass this check, it means that you have sound finances and your marketing plan is working.

Expand Your Market by Offering Credit Card Processing Services in Plantation, FL

Lots of Plantation, FL consumers nowadays have either debit or credit cards, or both, and many of them no longer want the hassle of going to traditional or physical stores. Let Freedom Card Solutions help you with this. We use state-of-the-art equipment and technology to ensure privacy and security of your transactions. If you’re concerned with security, you can always refer to our credit card processing reviews and check how we have dealt with these issues in the past. We understand your concern about the security of digital payments, but we can assure you that this will not be an issue when you connect with us. The slightest implication of security breach can surely send your customers running to the competition. So, you better invest on this. It is about time that you do, then! There are consumers who actually love to do the shopping in person, but there are a whole lot who opt for ease when doing a purchase.

You Won’t Lose Out on Potential Business in Plantation, FL with

There’s a reason why some small businesses in Plantation, FL steer clear of merchant accounts so they can offer credit card processing. But the expense is actually insignificant when you consider the additional revenues you will get to enjoy in return. In fact, this is one of the reasons why some small businesses do not hire their services. But you have to look at cost-value of credit card processing. Think of it as an investment particularly since a study revealed that you may lose 11.8 million in potential revenues by foregoing debit and credit card transactions.
This is a reality of the times, and this is confirmed by a study made by US Bank. Of the 2,000 respondents interviewed, half of them claim that oftentimes they go out without cash in their wallet. The cash they bring is only good for small transactions, or between $20 and $50. Freedom Card Solutions will assist you in targeting the group of people who actually needs this gateway.

Expand Your Client Base Through Cashless Payments in Plantation, FL

With the service, you can also cater tourists and visitors in Plantation, FL who, most of the time, do not have cash with them. Nonetheless, there are merchant accounts that do not provide automatic currency conversions. Having debit and credit card processing means expanding the clientele you can serve. It is important to understand, however, that not all merchant accounts allow for automatic conversions between currencies. We will help you explore your options when it comes to merchant accounts.

Reach Out to Us Today so We Discuss How We Can Help Your Business in Plantation, Florida

Should you have any doubts, feel free to contact us at our phone number at (844) 585-FREE in Plantation, FL. And not only that, we also make sure to keep the credit card processing fees in Plantation, FL affordable. Each transaction is covered by the highest standards of data security via the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). The EMV chip is an added layer of security that will drastically reduce cases of breach. Its 24/7 customer support means that in the rare event of a faulty transaction, we can address it right away. Our customer representatives are eagerly waiting to do business with you. Call us today!