FREEDOM CARD SOLUTIONS: Your Merchant Account Partner in Winter Park, FL

You will need a credit card processing company in Winter Park, FL, like Freedom Card Solutions, if you want to take advantage of the benefits of cashless transactions. Brick-and-mortar stores that do not accept debit or credit card payments effectively exclude a large number of potential customers who don’t carry large amounts of cash with them. Expect to receive high quality, but affordable services from us, from beginning to end. Be sure to connect with the right company to enjoy these benefits.

Increasing Trend of Cashless Purchases in Winter Park, FL

Holding cold cash in your hands can give you a feeling of security, indeed, but while people still generally prefer to pay in cash, especially for small transactions, they will all have to eventually adapt to the digital age. This includes, paying for purchases without cash! It is projected that hundreds of billions of transactions will be in digital form by the year 2020.

Not all consumers in Winter Park, FL are able to appreciate the beauty of credit card processing yet. Another reason is that cash doesn’t discriminate. While merchant hosts cannot do much about this, technological advances have made the process more efficient.
Extending Your Business Hours in Winter Park, FL

The most beneficial thing about it is the fact that any business in Winter Park, FL that utilizes the service can earn 24/7. The main thing about going digital is that you can keep your Winter Park, FL business running round the clock. We have e-commerce packages and digital gift cards, too, and we can incorporate mobile wallets and digital payment options to your business at the same time. We can set up your e-commerce site to help you manage and keep track of your payments easily. Ask us about our e-commerce packages, mobile wallets, digital payment and digital gift cards, too.

Boost Your Revenues With A Credit Card Processing Merchant Account in Winter Park, FL

Getting a merchant account in Winter Park, FL, is not an easy process, though. The fact is there’s a certain exclusivity that VISA, Mastercard or American Express can provide. Rightly or not, they are associated with the person’s purchasing power. You will have to go through so much just to get the nod of the vendors. You will have to subject yourself, and your business, to intense scrutiny, and the entire process can be stressful. But once your account is approved, everything will be worth it. By the way, merchant accounts are not the same as your VISA or Mastercard, which are supported by banks through a line of credit. Also included in the vetting process is the market and expansion potential of the business. If you pass this check, it means that you have sound finances and your marketing plan is working.

Expand Your Market by Offering Credit Card Processing Services in Winter Park, FL

Lots of Winter Park, FL consumers nowadays have either debit or credit cards, or both, and many of them no longer want the hassle of going to traditional or physical stores. You only have to contact Freedom Card Solutions, and our experts will gladly handle the setting up of payment options that your customers can use. If you’re concerned with security, you can always refer to our credit card processing reviews and check how we have dealt with these issues in the past. Of course, security of transactions is very important, so you have to invest in this aspect of the business. Don’t just take our word for it, though. It is about time that you do, then!

Freedom Card Solutions Helps Increase Profits in Winter Park, FL

When you deal with merchant accounts in Winter Park, FL, you do have to pay a monthly fee. They see it as an unnecessary expense because besides the percentage fee, there is a service fee that they have to meet every month. Looking beyond the cost, however, are benefits that you cannot simply take for granted, such as increased sales and customer satisfaction. Consider this study, which says that 11.8 million in potential profits are lost to businesses that do not have the option for debit and credit card transactions.

This is a reality of the times, and this is confirmed by a study made by US Bank. Of the 2,000 respondents interviewed, half of them claim that oftentimes they go out without cash in their wallet. Many Americans carry only a small amount of cash, between $20 and $50 only, while a small percentage even claim to have not a single penny in their pocket. This is the demographic that you can reach with the help of Freedom Card Solutions.

Tapping the Untapped Potential Via Cashless Payments in Winter Park, FL

One of the surefire ways you can attract more customers in Winter Park, FL is by opening up a credit card processing facility. If you only accept cash, you are severely limiting the amount of transaction per visit. However, it must be noted that not all merchant account services allow for automatic conversion of currency. Say you have a product that sells for $300, which drew the interest of the customer. The problem is he doesn’t have that much cash with him but does have his credit card. Naturally, he will leave the store without that product. We do not want this to happen to your business. If you are operating a small business, updating your point of sale must be done to allow you to process credit card payments. Merchant accounts come in different packages, but you can always personalize them according to what works for you.

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If you have more questions, call our number at (844) 585-FREE in Winter Park, FL. Each transaction is covered by the highest standards of data security via the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). The EMV chip is an added layer of security that will drastically reduce cases of breach. Freedom Card Solutions aims to simplify the credit card processing fees, which makes it easier for you to track all the transactions. It is not a complex process as you may think. And it is not a risky venture, either.