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A credit card processing company in Fort Myers, FL can do so much for any business, big or small. Freedom Card Solutions is not your regular payment processing company. Freedom Card Solutions guarantees ease of monitoring and tracking of your payment transactions. Our process has always been simple, but effective. You can be sure, then, that we will do everything to keep you satisfied.

It’s Business As Usual in Fort Myers, FL Even Without The Physical Cash

Having some cash in your wallet can give you a boost of confidence, so it does not come as a surprise to find a lot of consumers still choosing the traditional cash over the electronic or other modes of payment. But this may soon change when cashless transactions will become imminent. At present, many still opt to use cash especially for transactions involving small amounts.

Convenience is the main reason why consumers in Fort Myers, FL still prefer cash. That’s because they don’t have to wait for their transaction to be processed before they can leave the store. Also, not all companies accept debit or credit cards.

Business Goes On Anytime Of The Day in Fort Myers, FL

We, at Freedom Card Solutions, hate complications as much as you do. That is why we keep our systems and processes as simple as possible. The main thing about going digital is that you can keep your Fort Myers, FL business running round the clock. Credit card and debit processing may be our prime products, but the company offers a host of many other products and services, too. The company is a full-service company, offering a range of products and services to suit your needs.
Boost Your Revenues With A Credit Card Processing Merchant Account in Fort Myers, FL

We want to be seen with that latest bag or that expensive dress because they give that perception of success. It’s the same with small businesses in Fort Myers, FL. A credit card processing merchant account can significantly increase your business’ credibility, and this can translate into sales. This is the type of account that will allow you to accept credit card or debit card payments, whether your business is online or offline. Credit card service providers rely on banks or financial institutions to give the account needed. Merchant accounts should be differentiated from credit card providers that rely on banks to back the purchase of a line of credit. Also included in the vetting process is the market and expansion potential of the business. If you pass this check, it means that you have sound finances and your marketing plan is working.
Expand Your Market by Offering Credit Card Processing Services in Fort Myers, FL

This simply means they need not leave the comfort of their home to avail of your services or products in Fort Myers, FL. Freedom Card Solutions will set up your payment options, allowing your customers to pay via credit or debit card, or any other payment mode. Having a shop online that accepts digital payments is going to win you more customers in the process. If you are looking for ways to improve your financial performance, going online is the best way to go. Online shopping is literally taking the world by storm, and you will just have to adapt to the trend or end up losing your customer base. Read up on some of our credit card processing reviews and see for yourself how well we have handled the business for the past years. There are consumers who actually love to do the shopping in person, but there are a whole lot who opt for ease when doing a purchase.
Freedom Card Solutions Helps Increase Profits in Fort Myers, FL

When you deal with merchant accounts in Fort Myers, FL, you do have to pay a monthly fee. But a study has revealed that a total of 11.8 million in possible business profit is considered gone simply because small businesses do not offer debit and credit card payment options. By having an alternative payment option besides cash, you will be able to win more customers in the long run.

The US Bank Cash Behavior Survey showed that half of the respondents do not have cash with them all the time. Many Americans carry only a small amount of cash, between $20 and $50 only, while a small percentage even claim to have not a single penny in their pocket. You are going to isolate their potential customers if you don’t allow credit card payments.
Expand Market Base Through Cashless Purchases in Fort Myers, FL

Apart from American consumers, a number of tourists in Fort Myers, FL don’t carry large amounts of cash with them for security reasons. With an alternative payment gateway, you will be able to target those people who prefer to go cashless when doing their shopping. Say you have a product that sells for $300, which drew the interest of the customer. The problem is he doesn’t have that much cash with him but does have his credit card. Naturally, he will leave the store without that product. We do not want this to happen to your business. If you are operating a small business, updating your point of sale must be done to allow you to process credit card payments.

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Call Freedom Card Solutions today and learn from our experts the reasons why it is a must for any small business to run a credit card facility. And not only that, we also make sure to keep the credit card processing fees in Fort Myers, FL affordable. Privacy of information is important to us, as it is to you, so we make sure to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard or PCI DSS. Our 24-hour, seven-days-a-week customer support means you will never be left hanging whenever you encounter problem with the merchant account. Our technical support staff will be happy to address all your concerns. Let us talk today!